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Depression is a word that can be thrown around a lot, however only those who have suffered can truly understand it. Depression can last from weeks to years, depending on the individual. People often find that they feel down, lose interest in hobbies, being around people, feel worthless and lack any motivation, becoming stuck in a rut. Sufferers can also find that it is difficult to fall asleep, and have low energy. Depression can take people to dark places, which is why it is so important to speak to somebody. I am here not to judge, but to offer complete guidance and support. Many people ignore the symptoms, I would urge you not to


“My sessions with Rachel have literally been life changing. After 32 years of sadness my life has finally turned around. She helped me focus on myself and find my voice.”


” Rachel supported my daughter through a difficult time. She spent valuable time guiding her through the dark places and provided a caring space to explore what was going on for her.”


” Rachel provided me support throughout the year, she was a valued confidante and I really appreciate all she has done for me”


” Rachel spent time listening to me, I really appreciated it”

Eimear (13yrs)