Welcome to Rachel John Counselling

“When we have begun to take charge of our lives, to own ourselves, there is no longer any need to ask permission of someone.”

Rachel John Counselling provides professional counselling in Milltown & Killorglin, Co Kerry. Rachel has been involved in counselling since 2008. All counselling is completely confidential and non-judgemental, offering a safe place to open up and discuss a range of issues. I know that it can take a lot for a person to come to their first session and I aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It can sometimes be hard to open up to friends and family about certain issues, counselling offers you the chance to speak with somebody privately who is completely impartial.

Counselling Services

☑ Stress
☑ Anxiety
☑ Depression
☑ Suicide
☑ Bereavement
☑ Grief
☑ Relationship Issues
☑ Working with victims of abuse
☑ Bullying & Adolescent Counselling
☑ Group Facilitation

Rachel offers private counselling in Milltown and also through the Killorglin Family Resource Centre. She also does group facilitation.

About Me

I am originally from the UK and moved to Ireland in 1997. I have travelled extensively around the world, experiencing many different cultures, which has left me much more open minded and gave me a great sense of personal awareness. This was a huge experience and I gained a lot from this.

I became interested in counselling and began a course in Galway in 2003, where I received a Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy. From here I went on to study for my BA Degree from NCPII – National Counselling & Psychotherapy Institute of Ireland. My own approach to Counselling is based mainly on an Integrative Psychodynamic Approach and Humanistic Approach. Some of my sessions may incorporate CBT theory and practice (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

I am currently undertaking a Masters in Adolescent Psychotherapy at the Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre. This MSc is validated by University of Northampton. The programme is an in-depth study of the dynamics of development and therapy with adolescents from a Gestalt perspective.

 Gestalt adolescent psychotherapy understands that, very often, difficulties which teenagers experience are closely related to, and stem from, family issues. It is important that the therapist develops an understanding of the family dynamics and context of the presenting symptom issue. To this end, Gestalt adolescent psychotherapists meet initially with the adolescent and both parents, where possible, in order to undertake a comprehensive relational assessment. On-going work will often include some supportive/reparative work between adolescents and their parents, parenting strategy work, and individual psychotherapy sessions for the adolescents themselves. Hence, psychotherapeutic intervention will typically involve both the adolescent and his/her parents.

 The number of issues teenagers are dealing with today include bullying, anxiety, self-esteem, self-harming, sexuality issues and abuse of all kinds. I offer a safe space for adolescents to explore their experiences within a non-judgemental environment and aim to meet them at the place where they are now.

Rachel John Counselling Services provide counselling and support in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Call to schedule a consultation.


Rachel John has a BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy (BA Couns), NCPII, Ireland. Rachel is also a member of APCP (Association of Professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists) , an Individual Member of BACP (British Association of Counsellors Psychotherapy), and a member of the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network. Rachel also holds an Honours Degree in Institutional Management (BSc Hons), and recently completed a Professional certificate for Children & Loss through RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons Ireland).